Sustainable Development

PCC Packaging

Pcc Packaging's philosophy is "sustainable functioning and development", which assumes increasing the scale of the company's business, while reducing the environmental impact and increasing the positive impact on the environment in which the company operates, taking into account economic, social and cultural aspects.

Such an example is, for example, the policy of obtaining resources from a responsible source, compliance with ethical standards and the promotion of broadly understood human rights. Harmony with the natural environment and the application of the technological regime expressed in concern for the quality of people's lives, caring for the natural environment in a broadly understood context.

In the packaging production process, we use recyclates and biodegradable raw materials of natural origin, while trying to limit the use of petroleum raw materials. The raw materials are processed on machines powered by renewable energy sources without the use of any hydraulic media, as the sub-assemblies and moving parts of the machines we use are driven by electric motors.

No direct emissions of any harmful substances into the environment, the use of collective packaging and pallets 100% recyclable, production innovation, efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining the highest standards in the field of occupational health and safety helps us develop our business and we expect it from those in the chain supplies of our contractors.

In the area of ​​logistics, we use modern management methods and tools, allowing us not only to optimize costs but also to reduce exhaust gases emissions to the environment.

In the production process we do not use water, we do not produce sewage and the waste is segregated and utilized. Our employees fully understand the importance and role they play to protect the environment and its natural resources, with our planet and future generations in mind. Prevention, processing and maximum waste reduction are also the added value of our business.

Our primary goal is the functioning and development of the company without any negative impact to the surrounding environment. We focus and we will focus even more on those areas in which we can enter the UN Sustainable Development Strategy.